Associates, Bachelors and Masters Human Resource Degree Options

Human resource managers are now looked upon as being key to establishing and accomplishing strategic business objectives.  As the role of human resource management has evolved beyond long-established HR practices, so too have HRM programs. In addition to traditional HR skills and competencies, undergraduate and graduate degree programs in human resource management now place a decided emphasis on business knowledge.

A master’s degree in human resources is widely recognized as the standard for senior-level management, director and executive positions.  These programs prepare graduates to design and implement strategies that maximize how an enterprise uses its human capital to achieve business goals. Though HRM graduate students often have a background in business, master’s programs in HR management are open to students with undergraduate degrees in virtually any major.

New students looking to begin undergraduate studies are encouraged to select from relevant associate’s and bachelor’s degree programs in human resources. Undergraduate programs are designed to prepare graduates for entry-level positions in human resources departments, which will provide an ideal foundation for graduate studies and career advancement.

Request information on human resources degree programs from the schools below. The information is free, so contact as many schools as you would like in order to compare programs and find the option that best fits your career goals.