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The idea to develop HumanResourcesEDU.org came about in 2014 as the economic recovery had proven itself as lasting and employers began rebuilding their workforces and sourcing new talent. As this reboot evolved into the most significant period of job growth seen in years, the strategic importance of having an effective HR department was highlighted as one of the most important areas of focus for organizations that rely on a skilled workforce.

The staff here at HumanResourcesEDU.org had a front row seat to the recession and the subsequent recovery, experiencing it first hand from the HR departments of some of the most stable mainstays of corporate America. This has given us a unique perspective on the value of quality human capital to the success of an enterprise, and just as significantly, the importance of HR professionals in getting the most from employees in any economic climate.

We created HumanResourcesEDU.org to serve as a resource for those aspiring to entry-level HR positions, as well as current specialists and managers looking to advance to upper-level management and executive leadership positions through graduate studies in business administration and HRM.

HumanResourcesEDU.org serves as a guide to undergraduate and graduate level education options, salary expectations and possible career paths for current and aspiring HR professionals. HumanResourcesEDU.org was designed to make the decision-making process simpler for anybody considering their career options in HR – and looking for the right degree to get them there.