Bachelors and Masters Programs for a Human Resources Management Career in Louisiana

The Louisiana Workforce Commission projects that the number of jobs involving the management of companies and enterprises will increase 22.3% between 2012 and 2022, with HR managers specializing in talent acquisition, compensation and benefits, labor relations and strategic management leading the way. Additionally, the total number of jobs is expected to increase at a rate of 13% statewide over that same period, creating a need for human resources professionals to recruit, screen, train and manage a growing workforce across all of Louisiana’s key industries – namely healthcare, tourism and manufacturing.

Louisiana’s ten largest employers are also the companies driving much of the demand for human resources professionals in all areas of specialization:

  • Louisiana Department of Health and Services, 12,000 employees
  • Louisiana State University Health, 7,000 employees
  • University Health Hospital, 7,000 employees
  • Ingalls Shipbuilding, 6,000 employees
  • Willis Knighton Medical Center, 6,000 employees
  • LSU Health Sciences Center, 5,200 employees
  • Hilton-New Orleans Riverside, 5,000 employees
  • Lafayette General Medical Center, 5,000 employees
  • LSU Human Resources Management, 5,000 employees
  • LSU Public Hospital, 5,000 employees
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Louisiana’s HR managers, specialists, and generalists, along with the state’s human resources workers of tomorrow, all play an integral role in rebuilding the state’s economy in the coming years.

What Louisiana’s Employers Look for When Hiring Human Resources Managers and Specialists

A look at education requirements from a sampling of recent job postings offers a glimpse into the type of education that is either required or preferred by some Louisiana’s top employers (from a survey of job vacancies taken in May 2015, shown for illustrative purposes only):

Senior Manager/Director, HR Operations – Albemarle – A bachelor’s degree in business, human resources or other relevant degree is preferred.

Corporate Human Resources Recruiter – eQHealth Solutions – Education requirements include a bachelor’s degree in a related field or the equivalent combination of education and experience.

Human Resources Manager – CenturyLink – A bachelor’s degree is required, but a master’s degree is preferred.

Bachelor’s Degree Programs in Human Resources and Human Resource Management

A Bachelor of Science/Arts (BS/BA), or a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) related to human resources is often a minimum requirement for human resources specialist, HR recruiter and lower-to-mid-level management jobs:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Management with a Human Resources Concentration
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resources
  • Bachelor of Business Administration with a Human Resources Concentration

All bachelor’s-level programs in human resources will include courses on core HR functions, such as:

  • Recruiting
  • Employment law
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Labor relations
  • Training and development

Degrees in business administration with a specialized concentration in human resource management will also include a full suite of courses related to business management:

  • Accounting
  • Statistical techniques
  • Business skills and environment
  • Human resource management in a market economy
  • Operations management
  • Organizational behavior
  • Business policy
  • Staffing organizations
  • Employee benefits and compensation administration
  • Negotiation and conflict management

Master’s Degrees in Human Resource Management (HRM)

Master’s degree programs in human resource management are well suited for advancement to upper-level management and executive positions.

Although admission criteria for HRM graduate programs don’t always stipulate a specific undergraduate major, prerequisite courses in areas such as business law and are often required.

The following are among the graduate degree options available to HR managers in Louisiana:

  • Master of Science (MS) in Human Resources Management
  • Master of Human Resources (MHR)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a specialization in Human Resources
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Organizational Management with a concentration in Human Resources
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Human Resource Management
  • Master of Arts (MA) in Management with a Human Resources concentration

While a master’s (MA or MS) in HRM will typically include such specialized courses as those shown here:

  • Diversity management
  • Legal environment
  • Career development and management
  • Strategic management for the MAM
  • Foundation of management theory
  • Management information systems

An MBA with a specialized concentration in HRM would feature additional business-related courses, such as:

  • Accounting and finance: managerial use and analysis
  • Applied managerial statistics
  • Leadership and organizational behavior
  • Marketing management
  • Managerial finance
  • Business economics

Professional Certification in Human Resources

Upon graduation from human resources undergraduate and graduate degree programs, some HR professionals choose to obtain certification from a nationally recognized organization:.

  • HR Certification Institute (HRCI)
    • Professional in Human Resources (PHR)
    • Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR)
    • Global Professional in Human Resources (GPHR)
    • Human Resource Management Professional (HRMP)
    • Human Resource Business Professional (HRBP)
    • California Certification for PHR and SPHR certified professionals

  • Recognition Professionals International (RPI)
    • Structuring Recognition Systems for Success – CRP I
    • Strategic Planning & Measurement – CRP II*
    • Recognition Management & Maintenance – CRP III*
    • Applying Recognition Systems – CRP IV*

Job Descriptions for Human Resource Positions Found in Louisiana

According to the US Department of Labor, Louisiana was home to 3,160 human resources specialists and 1,430 human resources managers as of May 2014.

Louisiana’s human resources managers and specialists are employed largely with state and municipal government agencies, healthcare providers, and academic institutions with substantial human resources departments.

Job descriptions from vacancy announcements offer a glimpse into the daily duties of HR managers and specialists working for some of Louisiana’s top employers (from a survey of job vacancies taken in May 2015 and shown for illustrative purposes only):

Sr. Human Resources Manager, The Bayou Companies, LLC – Job duties include:

  • Developing and implementing strategies to link the human resources agenda to the company’s business plan
  • Working with regional management on staffing
  • Ensuring that employees receive fair, unbiased treatment

Human Resources Specialist, OWCP, Department of Veterans Affairs – The specialist will:

  • Review compensation claims filed under the Worker’s Compensation Program
  • Serve as an advisor for the Federal employee retirement, group life insurance, health benefits, and the Thrift Savings Plan programs
  • Counsel injured workers on their entitlements/responsibilities

Human Resources Employers and Professional Associations in Louisiana

The following list shows some of Louisiana’s staffing companies, state government HR departments, and professional associations dedicated to advocacy for human resources professionals in the state:

Staffing and Recruiting Companies


Professional Associations

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